Rachel Barnes
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July 9, 1983

Welcome to the world, Rachel Catherine Barnes!

June 1984
Rachel goes to Myrtle Beach with her family. This would be the first of many trips to the ocean. 
           Sunrise over the Atlantic
July 9, 1984
Rachel is 1 year old. Becky and Amy bake her a cake in an easy bake oven.
September 1984
Rachel's mom returns to her job, and she meets her new extended family-her babysitter, "Fo", and Fo's family-"Dite", Bubby, and Kim. Because she jabbers instead of talking, Bubby nicknames her Jabbo.
Kim calls her Tawie.
June 1988
Rachel goes to Walt Disney World, Sea World, and Daytona Beach with Mom, Dad, and Sis. 
Rachel meets Mickey Mouse
December 1988
Rachel enjoys playing the part of a Christmas gift in a play at Model City Day Care
August 21, 1988
Rachel attends Kindergarten at Pikeville Elementary School
Here is the proud graduate!
April 20, 1994
Uncle Jimbo passes away due to complications of a BMT. He had been diagnosed with ALL a year and a half before.
September 29, 1994

Rachel's niece, Sarah, is born.

March 7, 1995
Rachel's Grandma Cook goes to join Papaw and Uncle Jimbo in Heaven.
August 1995
Rachel enters Pikeville Jr. High
August 1996
Rachel and family go on one of their many trips to Tennessee.
Rachel and cousin Amy conk out on the way home.
October 14, 1996
Andrew, Rachel's 1st nephew, is born.
August 1997
Rachel enters Pikeville High School.
December 3, 1998
Alex, nephew #2, arrives.
March 1999
Rachel, Bethany, and Lori go to an N'Sync concert in Charleston, WV. Here they pose for the camera with members of Bewitched, the back up band.
April 25, 2000
Shaun, nephew #3, is born.
March 16, 2001
Grandma Barnes passes on to her eternal rest.
April 2001
Rachel and fellow members of Danz Elite win nationals at Myrtle Beach.
May 2001
Rachel receives a CEDAR scholarship for her essay on women and coal mining. 
June 2001
Rachel graduates from Pikeville High School
Dwight, Flo, Rachel, and Sarah

June 2001
Rachel and her friends go to Myrtle Beach for their senior trip. This would be her last visit to the ocean - a place she loved.
Lynda, Rachel, and Jessica
August 2001
Rachel leaves home to attend Morehead State University. Here she is in her dorm room with friends.
December 1, 2001
Rachel is diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma for the first time.
June 2002
Rachel has finished six rounds of chemo and 20 radiation treatments. To celebrate she takes a trip to New York City with Mom, Marc, and Gayle. Next to home, NYC is her favorite place on earth.
March 2003

Cancer reoccurs just a few months after finishing treatment.

July 10, 2003
Rachel has an autologous stem cell transplant for the first recurrence of HD.
March 2004
Rachel is diagnosed for the third time with HL.
May 22, 2004
Rachel is the maid of honor in her cousin Amy's wedding. What a beautiful wedding! A double rainbow stretched across the sky reminding us of God's promises. I think one was for Amy and Mark and the other was for Rachel.
July 9, 2004

Rachel celebrates her 21st birthday at home with family and friends.
She is thrilled with her new puzzles which she will stay up all night to work.

July 21, 2004
Rachel has an allogeneic stem cell transplant. Her sister Rebecca was a perfect match and was her donor. Here she is with two of her favorite nurses, Andrea and Karen.
Christmas 2004

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
With the kids jingle belling
And everyone telling you "Be of good cheer"
It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
It's the hap -happiest season of all
With those holiday greetings and gay happy meetings
When friends come to call
It's the hap - happiest season of all

March 28, 2005
Rachel is diagnosed with lymphoma for the fourth time. She begins radiation and chemo treatments-once again. The prednisone she takes for her lung damage makes her have "roid" cheeks. Our hearts are broken. My poor baby! Still she smiles.
March 31, 2005
Rachel is baptized and becomes a member of the Toler Creek Freewill Baptist Church.
Mother's Day 2005

We're still at the Baymont and Rach is still undergoing radiation. She sends her mom beautful flowers and a cake to celebrate Mother's Day. Rachel, Sarah, and Mom go to the movies to see Monster-In-Law. This is the first movie Rach has been to in 11 months. And it was her last.

June 6, 2005
Rachel makes her last trip to the Markey Cancer Center. In addition to lung fibrosis, she now has heart damage. She decides to stop all treatments. She is tired.
June 2005

Rachel's friend Vanessa brings her one of many gifts, the greatest being her friendship. "She's a breathe of fresh air, Mommy."

July 9, 2005
Rachel's 22 birthday. She's too sick to celebrate.
July 20, 2005
Rachel dons her Statue of Liberty sunglasses for the camera.
July 20, 2005
Rachel's wonderful friend Marlina visits with Rachel. This has been a good day!
July 26, 2005

Linda and Lindsee come for a visit. Rachel is working hard at accomplishing the list of things she has written to do. (pic taken the year before) Thank you Linda and Richard!

July 28, 2005
Rachel goes peacefully to be with her Lord. She has Mom, Dad, Uncle David, and Aunt Debbie by her side. 
Rachel, our little lamb
July 28, 2005
Rachel is resting around God's great throne. I'll meet you in the morning, Rach! Then I will be satisfied.
September 11, 2005
Rachel's monument is unveiled.
November 3, 2018
Sarah and Andrew were married today. I know you would be so proud!
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